Osteoarthritis Physiotherapy Treatment:-Physiotherapy is very helpful in these cases. After proper Physiotherapy systematic assessment including X ray of knee joint help to plan proper Physiotherapy treatment protocol.Electrotherapy, Exercise thera

Vertigo & Headache Treatment Most of the issues are related to cervical spine only due to mal position of upper cervical vertebrates.Problem is known as Vertebral basillar insufficiency & Cervicogenic Headache(most of the people get confused with M

PHYSIOTHERAPY in Anaemia Exercise precautions for Clients living with anaemia :When someone is anemic, the body doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen to the rest of the body—making it challenging to exercise. However, that

Cerebellar Disorder TreatmentCauses may be congenital, hereditary or malformations and acquired conditions.Symptoms vary with cause but typically include impaired muscle coordination(Ataxia).Physiotherapy has an essential role in recovery & make p

Backpain treatment in DelhiBackpain is a most common problem in young population which can be associated with Postural I.e.also called mechanical backpain

Ankle pain treatment in DelhiMost common issue associated with ankle is sprain due to twisting of ankle during walking or down stairs or down hill movement.Common signs are Swelling and Symptom is Pain and not able to take weight on leg or walking

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